September 27th - September 30th, 2018

2009 Results

Miss and Jr Miss Apple Festival



Miss Apple Festival and Court

Title Name City
Miss Apple Festival Alexandria Hemphil Buchanan
1st Runner-Up Jade Hoglund Niles
Miss Congeniality Kaleigh Horvath Niles

 Jr. Miss Apple Festival and Court

Title Name City
Junior Miss Apple Festival Hannah Montgomery Edwardsburg
1st Runner-Up Presli Ferenczi Niles
Miss Congeniality Madeline Vorrath Buchanan

Apple Festival Prince & Princess

Prince Justin Taylor Buchanan
Princess Tristan Liebetrau Niles

Apple Festival Senior King & Queen

Title Name
Senior King Bob Shepard
Senior Queen Pat Shepard

Apple Pie Eating Contest

Men's 16 & Over
  Place Name
  1st Earl Wilken
  2nd Karl Tillman
  3rd Tyler Weeks
Women's 16 & Over
  Place Name
  1st Brittany Molnar
  2nd Taylor Matejovsky
  3rd Sena Hargreaves
Boys 15 & Under
  Place Name
  1st Zachary Boyce
  2nd Fritzel Findeisen
  3rd Austin Brewster
Girls 15 & Under
  Place Name
  1st Emily Casey
  2nd Taylor Sokoloskis
  3rd Katelyn Mueller
Chairperson: Mark Nolan

Apple Peeling Contest

First Heat
  Place Name Length
  1st Lynetta Kazer 41"
  2nd Gerry Hansan 40-1/4"
Second Heat
  Place Name Length
  1st Jean Nyhuis 66-1/2"
  2nd Lynetta Kazer 53-1/2"
Chairperson: Vivian Stilwell

Apple Seed Popping Contest

  Place Name Length
  1st Conrad Stilwell 29'
  2nd Thom Nyluis 25'
  3rd Rick 23'5"
  Place Name Length
  1st Lisa Perking 22'10"
  2nd Cindy Cloutier 18'7"
  3rd Lisa Crowder 18'3"
  Place Name Length
  1st Cody Lenner 14'2"
  2nd Cody Glick 13'
  3rd Ahmad Manaw 8'11"
  Place Name Length
  1st Bailey Crowder 19'7"
  2nd Nina Lamb 5'8"
  3rd Clementyn Hargreave 7"
Chairperson: Gene Millin

Biggest Apple Contest

  Place Name Orchard Size
  1st Jo Ann Hollaway Holloway 33"
  2nd Bill Holloway Holloway 32-1/2"
  3rd Ashley Holloway Holloway 31-7/8"

Chairperson: Donna Dodge

*measured diameter around width plus diameter around height

Downtown Window Judging

Traveling Trophy
  Place Store Name
  1st Antique Mall Main Street
  2nd Kitchen Connection
  3rd Hob Nob

Chairperson: Karen Alexander, Coldwell Banker

Apple Baked Goods

  Place Name Entry
  1st Dawn Stratton Caramel Apple Cheesecake
  2nd John Mishler Apple Dumplings
  3rd Peg Horner Apple Bars
  Place Name Entry
  1st Penny Wagner Apple Blush Pie
  2nd Peg Horner Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie
  3rd TIE Vivian Dials Apple Caramel Walnut Pie
  3rd TIE Sarah Timmereck Caramel Pecan Apple Pie
  Place Name Entry
  1st Betty Timmrick Harvest Apple Cake
  2nd Peg Horner Flora's Apple Coffee Cake
  3rd TIE Amy Archer Caramel Apple Cupcakes
  3rd TIE Linda Lietz Not Name

Grand Parade Winners

  Name / Organization
Rolling Wheels Award Michiana Heating/Air Conditioning
Apple Time Award Niles Piece Makers Quilt Guild
Heritage Award Miss Buchanan
Four Flags Award Tina Merrill
Antique Car Award Huntziker's
Johnny Appleseed Award USBC Youth
Grand Sweepstakes Award Miss Edwardsburg
Harmony Award Edwardsburg Eddies H.S. Marching Band
Classic Car on Street Rod Michiana Cruisers
Zapple the Apple Award Blood Centers
Simon Pokagon Award Niles Ring Lardner Cheerleaders
Apple Barrell Award Paw Spa
Apple Blossom Niles Elite Competitive Cheerleader
Chairperson: Chuck Craig

Horseshoe Contest

  Place Name City
  1st Larry Gilson/Doc Rice Coloma, MI/Middlebury,IN
  2nd Bob Bailey/Bruce Burkett Niles, MI/Decatur, MI
  3rd David Wojeik/Earl Stacy Michigan City, IN/Laport, IN
  Place Name City
  1st Larry Gilson Coloma, MI
  2nd Bob Bailey Niles, MI
  3rd Doc Rice Middlebury, IN

Chairperson: Tom Spain

Lip Sync Contest

Ages 7-12
  Place Name Song/Artist
  1st Katie Rose, Tiara Stutsman, Olivia Depriest She Drives Me Crazy/Kermit & Miss Piggy
  2nd Lexi Smith Part of Your World/Disney
  3rd Hannah Dowden Bad/Michael Jackson
Ages 13-17
  Place Name Song/Artist
  1st Allie Hoyt, Lizzy Coulston It's Raining Men/Weather Girls
Ages 18 & Over
  Place Name Song/Artist
  1st Annette Ward, Janice Hansel, Sue Clark Looking for Food/Artist Unknown
  2nd Jessica Fortuna Tribute to Michael Jackson
  3rd Gabrielle & Debra Parrish What a Mom Would Say in a 24-Hour Period/Anita Renfroe

Hand Sawing

Girls 5-7
  Place Name Time
  1st Haliegh McFadden 1.14.6 SEC
  2nd Nauta Limberopaulas 1.24.7 SEC
Girls 8-10
  Place Name Time
  1st Hannah Kerwin 6.4
  2nd Emma Banicki 26.5
Girls 11-13
  Place Name Time
  1st Ashley Szumski 42
Boys 5-7
  Place Name Time
  1st Kalvin Kerwin 12.1
  2nd Van Lenner 29.4
Boys 8-10
  Place Name Time
  1st Jacob Riky 3.2
  2nd Darren Florey 11.3
Boys 11-13
  Place Name Time
  1st Joe Monica 5.9
  2nd Conrad Stilwell 7.1

Log Sawing Contest

Men (18-60)
  Place Name Time
  1st Mike Kachur & Paul Wrigglesworth 11.09
  2nd Mike Kachur & Billy Wrigglesworth 13.06
Boys (14-17)
  Place Name Time
  1st Colin Latislaw & Randy Wagner 12.12
  2nd Zack Fillwace & Colin Latislaw 12.08
  Place Name Time
  1st Amy Archer & Penny Wagner 11.78
  2nd Amy Archer & Melissa Kachur 13.22
Girls (14-17)
  Place Name Time
  1st Taylor Glick & Nichole Sly 29.07
  2nd Chelsea Thompson & Nichole Sly 46.41
Seniors (Men, Women, or any Combination)
  Place Name Time
  1st Steve Barber & Jack Whitmire 15.34
  2nd Earl Hiem & Steve Barber 19.31
Chairpersons: Rich & Bill Martin

Awards 2009

  Name / Organization
Golden Apple Award Hunziger's Nursery
Apple Blossom Challenge Reegan Albright
Growing Apple Award Janet Fedeli
Crystal Apple Award Nan Countess, Alex Booe
Jeweled Apple Award Mike Hubbard

Scarecrow Contest

Most Orignial
  Place Name City
  1st Mindy Cole-Crocker Buchanan
  2nd Pam Alphenaar Niles
  3rd TIE Amy Archer NIles
  3rd TIE Barry Sokoloskis Niles
  Place Name City
  1st Pam Alphenaar Niles
  2nd Renee Kurtzweil Niles
  3rd Courtney Meyers Niles
Not So Scary
  Place Name City
  1st Becky Bookout NIles
  2nd Amy Archer Niles
  3rd Net and Cliff Tuttle Niles

Trike & Big Wheel Race

Age 2-3 Trike
  Place Name
  1st Kamren Smith
  2nd Monty Young
  3rd David Kline
Age 2-3 Big Wheel
  Place Name
  1st Kalanie Simpson
  2nd Mckennzie Shepard
  3rd Kyrrah Smith
Age 4-5 Trike
  Place Name
  1st Mckenzie McMenamin
  2nd Anastasia Bashore
  3rd Dylan Young
Age 4-5 Big Wheel
  Place Name
  1st Layla True
  2nd Conner Pickens
  3rd Austin Simpson

Youth Parade

Category Name City
Biggest Group Northside School with 390 kids Niles
Judges' Favorite Overall Niles Viking (Brad Canniff) Niles
Chairperson: Kellie McCombs

Arts & Crafts

Category Name City
Longest Beard Barry Sokoleski Niles, MI

Best Overall Beard

Steven Bartholow Elmhurst, IL
Longest Mustache Richard Roberts Niles, MI
Best Overall Mustache Jesse Nichols Niles, MI
Chairperson: Adam Crocker