September 27th - September 30th, 2018

Apple Pie Eating Contest

This is by far one of the most fun Contests to WATCH. It sometimes gets a little messy! The contest has different age groups that will participate. Boys compete against each other to see who can eat their pie the fastest in the 1 minute allotted time. The pies are all weighed before the start and after the clock is stopped, the difference is… well you guessed it the amount that was eaten then the person with the most pie eaten is declared the winner for that category. Then it the girls turn to compete against each other. This gets pretty competitive to say the least. Next the same goes for the men. Wow you should see these guys eat! Next up is the women. These gals are very competitive. Some nibble at their pie and some just devour it! Sometimes it takes longer to cleanup than it does to hold the contest. After all of the contestants are finished, we invite our Festival Royalty to give it a try and words just can’t describe it. You have to see it for yourself. So come out Sunday afternoon and enter the Apple Pie Eating Contest. Registration is just prior to the contest.

Girl/Boy 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place $5
Men/Woman 1st Place: $100 2nd Place: $20 3rd Place $10