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Lip Sync
Ages 18 & Over 1st Place: $375 2nd Place: $225 3rd Place $100
Ages 13-17 1st Place: $375 2nd Place: $225 3rd Place $100
Ages 7-12 1st Place: $375 2nd Place: $225 3rd Place $100


Cash Prizes are increased for this year to celebrate the 25th year of Lip Sync!

Preregistration and review will be Sunday Sept 14th at which time participants must wear same costume they will be wearing on Sept 28th.  Acts will be eliminated for inappropriate content as determined by the event chairpersons.  Must participate in the review in order to compete for cash prizes on Sept 28th. See application form on our homepage.

Jr. Miss and Miss Apple Festival Scholarship Pageants

Open to young ladies in the Four Flags Community. The Jr. Miss Apple Festival Pageant is for young ladies age 13-15. The Miss Apple Festival Pageant is for young ladies age 16-19. Both pageants offer scholarships to further their education and help with school related events. Pre registration is required.


The pageant will be held at the Niles High School on Saturday, September 13th at 6 pm.  The first meeting for contestants is July 6th.  Please see registration and biography forms on our home page.

Youth Day

Youth day will be held on Sept 20th this year. Sponsored by Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union. Games sponsored by McDonald's Restaurant of Niles and the Niles Service League. Past activities have included a petting zoo, magic show, and a rope bridge built by area boy scouts. Curious Kids Museum was there with hands on activities; Ronald McDonald had a magic show. Free balloons, prizes for the games, free hot dogs, sno cones, cotton candy, chips, and drinks are handed out to the are kids. The registration for the parade can be found on the home page.

Trike and Big Wheel Race

Held the morning of Youth Day at the Ring Lardner Middle School parking lot. Ages 2-7 Registration is 8:30am - 9am. Race at 9am. Sponsored by Hardee's Family Restaurant of Niles & Honor Credit Union.

Youth Parade

Held the morning of Youth Day. This 6 block parade features area youth in various activities, schools/home school, groups, costumes, decorated bikes, floats, strollers and wagons.


Entries will be judged on
* Best Use of Theme
* Most Creative Entry
For each of the following categories:
Decorated Bikes, Motorized Vehicles, Wagons and Costumes.


Trophies are given to largest group and the judge’s favorite overall entry.


All Children welcome when accompained by a parent, No animals please.


The parade starts at Eastside Park and ends at the Apple Festival grounds where kids can enjoy free food and games at Youth Day.


See our home page for a parade application




Seed Popping Contest

Pop the apple seeds to see who can get the seeds the farthest. Can you be the next winner with your name in the paper? Each person has to stand behind the line and flip their seed to see how far they can get it on the mat that measures the length. Wow some of them little seeds can go pretty far...


Girls/Boys 14+ 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place $5
Girls/Boys under 13 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place $5


Prince and Princess Contest

**Pre registration is required.


Boys and girls must be ages 5-8. This event is held the morning of Youth Day and the winner is chosen by a random drawing at the Apple Festival site. The chosen Prince and Princess will ride the Apple Festival Float in the Youth Parade at 1pm.


Scarecrow Contest

Build a Scarecrow, bring it in and let many people see what artistic people can do with some clothes and other items. Each person puts their own imagination into the scarecrows; some are funny, scary, and all are unique. The scarecrows are displayed on site during the Apple Festival.


Original 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $20 3rd Place $10
Funny 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $20 3rd Place $10
Not so scary 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $20 3rd Place $10



Pancake Breakfast

Saturday and Sunday morning starts out the right way with Breakfast as put on by Miss Stateline Scholarship Program while you get to see them busy at work. They make a fantastic breakfast!!


Home-Baked Apple Pie, Cake, and Pastries Contest

The contest is on the Saturday of festival. Judging begins at 5:30pm with registration one hour prior.


Pie 1st Place: $75 2nd Place: $50  
Cake 1st Place: $75 2nd Place: $50  
Pastries 1st Place: $75 2nd Place: $50  
Arts and Crafts Fair

This event welcomes crafters from the Four Flags Area and all around the country. Come out and enjoy homemade crafts and goods on both Saturday and Sunday the weekend of festival.

Beard and Mustache Contest

In the early days of festival different ways to get the communities involved on a personal level were being thought up by way of friendly competitions, one such competition was the Beard & Mustache Contest. In this contest you can compete against your friends, neighbors & and even family members. This contest has several different categories such as Longest Beard, Longest Mustache, Greyest, Darkest, Lightest and Most Unusual. Overall it’s a contest that’s as much fun to participate in as it is to watch. Prizes have included trophies, t-shirts, gift cards, hats, combs and hair care products from a local salon. This contest takes place Saturday afternoon during the Festival in the Entertainment Tent.

Window Decorating Contest

This is an event that started more than ten years ago. The downtown merchants decorate their windows following the theme of the Apple Festival. The merchant with the best design wins a traveling trophy, which can be displayed in their store for the next year. This event has been hosted for several years by Karen Alexander of Coldwell Banker.

Grande Parade

The Grande Parade is one of our largest events. It starts at 1:30 pm Saturday of the festival weekend in downtown Niles on Second Street. The parade route is about 5 miles long through town, ending at Niles High School. Our community goes all out when it comes time for the Apple Festival Grande Parade. **Pre registration is required. See our home page for a parade application

2012 Parade Line Up


Old Fashioned Log Cutting and Hand Sawing Contest

One of the more competitive events we have at the Apple Festival! This is where you can partner up with your pal and find out just what you’re made of. In this event your on one end of the saw and your partner is on the other, the logs range in size from 4” to 8” around and your jobs are to saw it in a give and take motion in the quickest time the team with the fastest time is declared the winner and has bragging rights for the year cash prizes are awarded and you can even have the piece of the log inked with the time it took to cut it, it yours for the asking. There are several teams in this event; boys & girls, men & women as well as seniors. There’s something for everyone. This is boasted as a Good Old Fashion Contest.


Boys/ girls 5-7 1st Place: $10 2nd Place: $5  
Men/Women 14-17 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $25  
Men/Women 18-60 1st Place: $80 2nd Place: $40  
Seniors 60+ 1st Place: $80 2nd Place: $40  



Biggest Apple Contest

The Biggest Apple Contest is just that. The entrants are from area orchards and devote time to a special tree in their orchard where they have discovered a large apple growing. They will keep an eye on this tree and give it just a little more attention. They will water this tree maybe a little more often all the while watching this one particular apple. Once it gets to just the right size, they carefully pick it and hand deliver it to the Apple Festival where it will be displayed until the time of the judging of the Biggest Apple Contest.


The apples are measured from the stem around the bottom and then back to the stem, as well as around the middle of the apple. Then after the measurements have been taken the Biggest Apple is chosen and the Award goes to the winner.


Biggest Apple 1st Place: $100 2nd Place: $50 3rd Place $25
Custom Car Show

12th Annual Custom Car Show!

Date: Sunday, September 28th
Registration: 9:00 - noon
Cost: $10.00
Awards at 3:00 pm

The Custom Car Show is a big draw during the Festival with over 200 cars to see. This event is held all day Sunday. Trophies are handed out around 5pm. Come enjoy the cars, music and concessions throughout the day. This is a fun, family friendly event. So come on out and reminisce about a car that you once drove or always wanted to.



The Harold Galbreath "Galley" Memorial Horseshoe Tournament

This contest is just what the name says it is, a Horse Shoe Tournament. It starts with 2 person teams and goes through several elimination rounds where the best keeps advancing to the next round, the winner is declared when the last team is standing defeating all other opponents. Next are the 4 person teams the same thing for them the last team in contention is declared the winner. Then it’s on to singles, person against person right up to the very end this makes for a long day and a lot of shoe throwing. This is fun to watch and even more fun to participate! So don’t miss it, Sunday during the Apple Festival.

Apple Pie Eating Contest

This is by far one of the most fun Contests to WATCH. It sometimes gets a little messy! The contest has different age groups that will participate. Boys compete against each other to see who can eat their pie the fastest in the 1 minute allotted time. The pies are all weighed before the start and after the clock is stopped, the difference is… well you guessed it the amount that was eaten then the person with the most pie eaten is declared the winner for that category. Then it the girls turn to compete against each other. This gets pretty competitive to say the least. Next the same goes for the men. Wow you should see these guys eat! Next up is the women. These gals are very competitive. Some nibble at their pie and some just devour it! Sometimes it takes longer to cleanup than it does to hold the contest. After all of the contestants are finished, we invite our Festival Royalty to give it a try and words just can’t describe it. You have to see it for yourself. So come out Sunday afternoon and enter the Apple Pie Eating Contest. Registration is just prior to the contest.


Girl/Boy 1st Place: $50 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place $5
Men/Woman 1st Place: $100 2nd Place: $20 3rd Place $10



Apple Peeling Contest
Whoever peels the apple the fastest is declared the winner. Contestants also are judged on the longest continuing peel. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Give it a try Sunday afternoon during the Apple Festival.
Apple Peeling 1st Place: $30 2nd Place: $25